Friday, March 9, 2012

Enjoying a Spring-like Day

IMG_0475After a cold and windy day spent indoors quilting I was surprised by a beautiful Spring like day the other day.  It was the kind of day that you spend outside weeding and pruning to your hearts content and before you know it the sun it setting and you still don’t feel done.  I fully enjoyed myself and found lots of surprises starting to come out of their winter hibernation.  The camellias in the picture about didn’t bloom much last year and blooms they did have I don’t remember being quite this large, but after a year of pruning and feeding they came out with these 5” blooms that were really worth the wait.







The original owners of our home were avid gardeners like us and they planted some wonderful combinations that continue to surprise us.  There were about 5 years between when they left the place and when we moved in so we had a lot of work to do to get things back in shape but, we are starting to see what they were working towards.  This is an area covered in a groundcover juniper which on its own would be quite boring, but they planted some heather which is full bloom right now looks really great with the blue gray color of the juniper.


Well, we believe that a magical yard like this one must be home to some sort of fairies and during a visit from a special boy we found a tree that is rotting away at its base and it just looked like the perfect hide away for some sort of fairies.  So the three of us put our heads together and scoured the yard for the perfect door for the little hide away.  When I went out the other day the door was even open as if it had been used by our little friends and they had come out on this wonderful Spring day to play in the sunshine.

Keep your garden dreams alive and growing!





Carla said...

I love the new fairy abode! Your blooms will give them plenty of places to play and to decorate their hats with.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


Auntie Maude said...

Ferne, just a suggestion, how about a little latch on the fairy door?