Friday, September 16, 2011

Gardening with Feline Friends

If you have a cat or cats then you understand that when you go out to the garden they love to come along and act like they are helping.  We like to take a little walk around our orchard and veggie garden most evenings and check the progress of things and the cats like to come along.  The sun has been setting earlier everyday…fall is on its way so we had a nice walk the other evening checking things out by sunset and the cats provided the entertainment.

IMG_0016 This is our little orchard.  It is covering about an acre and doesn’t look like much at the moment, but there are about 75 trees there and no duplicated varieties.

Because the trees are so small we have planted a few veggies between them and have finally picked our first real tomatoes!  Yum!  I doubt that this little watermelon will get big enough to eat before the weather cools down, but it was sure fun to grow. 









The cats were tagging along and playing chase with each other whole way.  IMG_0025IMG_0024






The kitten (Tocho) is now almost as big as our Manx, Makya.  They both have Hopi Indian names for no real reason other than that we liked them.  Tocho means mountain lion and Makya means eagle hunter and both are very fitting to their personalities.  In the picture above Tocho seems to think he is hidden by the weeds, then he was in attack mode on Makya who was just relaxing and enjoying all the attention. IMG_0028IMG_0046







The pictures above are of Tocho on the prowl, just looking for something to get into.  Then he gave up or tired out and kicked it in the lavender.  Check out the size of the ears on this little guy.  Both of these cats love to hide in the Rosemary bushes and often come in smell quite yummy.  It must repel fleas because we haven’t found a flea on either of them yet.IMG_0011 IMG_0013








Back to the topic of gardening…we may not have much in the way of tomatoes or watermelon to harvest, but we sure have lots of Comice pears and these figs (?) to harvest from some older trees.  I don’t think we will have much kitty entertaining here though last time I was up in the pear tree Tocho did join me.  He is quite an agile climber now if I could teach him to gently knock the pears down into the basket I would be on easy street!

Enjoy these dog days of summer or in our case the cat days!

Ferne, Michael

Makya & Tocho





cindy said...

I have two kittens and wouldn’t trade them for anything. They are brother and sister. I also have a shih tzu, Lab and Springer Spaniel.

I like your blog. I’m going to follow you.


Katie Hertfelder said...

Best of luck to you! We have some pretty hilarious cats here too. The thing about walking with cats - you always end up carrying them back!

selfsewn@summerfete said...

hello Ferne, what a lovely space you have. I love trees!!

I also love thyme, it's great for the bees and is an all round super little plant!