Thursday, August 4, 2011

Name this Plant

IMG_3333 We bought this plant at a little Mom & Pop nursery in Redding, California.  It was on sale because it had no name and the owner couldn’t remember what it was.  It had a few leaves at the time (a few months ago) and now has reached about 4 feet tall and finally flowered.  The flower in the picture is about 2 inches across and bright yellow with lots of petals.  The plant has a lot more buds about to open.  It is possible that it is so tall because we have in too much shade, but not knowing what it wants we gave it morning sun and afternoon shade.  We have not planted it yet it is just living in a 1 gallon pot.IMG_3336

The leaves are about 4 inches and palmate.  Again we have it in part sun and more sun might make them not so large and not so far between

Any ideas what it might be?  If so please leave a message and see if you can help us figure it out.

I play this game all day at work in the nursery so I am surprised that I don’t know this one.

Garden games…what fun!



Dawn said...

Fabulous flower - the head almose looks like a Dahlia, the leaf like a peony. Could it be a tree peony?
hmm...a mystery!

Miss Gracie's House said...

I don't know...but it looks like a happy little flower, whatever her name is:)

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Have no idea.... I inherited a huge clump in the new house, and the previous owner told me some folks called it a weed, but she liked it as it is tall and flowers yellow when not much other yellow is out. Ours must be 5-6 feet tall now... I love that I can see them through the window in the hall bathroom with the sun shining through the petals!

Mom said...

It sure does look like a Dahlia. There are about 36 varieties, but the leaves look like some of the pictures I was able to find