Friday, June 5, 2009

Up Country Nursery

We recently took a little trip to Shingletown and wrote about it in our other blogs. The Reel Report has an always entertaining look at the fishing we did. Ferne's blog covered the quilt shop full of inspiration. This is our gardening blog and well, we did visit a little nursery there called Up Country Nursery so this is a great place to talk about it. Being in the mountains there doesn't seem to be a lot of gardening going on with 'gangs' of deer to fight off and all. Those are words from the owner, he said that the gangs of deer were probably watching us right now as they were looking for a hole in his deer fencing to come in and munch his inventory. Despite the deer though he did have some interesting plants that we don't see much here in San Jose. One of my favorites was a variagated Dogwood tree. We can't really grow those here because it doesn't get cold enough, but Shingletown has an unusal circumstance of being a town that goes from 2000 ft to 4000 ft depending on which end of town you are in. The nursery is located about in the middle.

There was the cutest old stove that someone had planted up showing that you really can plant in just about any container. I loved this idea. They also had a huge pond on the property with a log floating in the center where some turles were sunning themselves. The nursery was very pretty and even has a stage and big grassy area that they rent out for weddings or parties. Sadly though we learned that the nursery is up for sale and though we love working at a nursery I don't think we have the desire to own one.

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CiNdEe said...

Yup guess you have been there. It is fun huh?(-: I bought a deer fern there last Spring and I killed it so I really want to go up and get another one when they open again(-: It was the cutest thing!(-;