Thursday, May 7, 2009

Planting Time

It is finally time to plant the gardens! The weather here has been HOT then COLD, but I think we are safe from frost by now. I had planted some tomato plants a few weeks ago and went to the garden to see frost damage. I lost 3 out of 10 plants and some leaves on the others. The next week it hit 100 for 2 days then went back to being cold again. There were enough new leaves on the tomatoes today to hide all evidence of frost damage so I removed the bad leaves and everything looks good again. I also added about 6 more tomato plants, some had lost their tags at the nursery and were too nice to throw away so I gave them a home and I'm sure we will enjoy them no matter what they are.

First job on my list today was to remove the celery that had become a real snail hotel. They had attacked each and every celery stalk leaving not much edible for human consumption. I don't think I will bother with celery again unless I am able to get to the garden more often than once a week. The picture above is actually the front row of my plot after I removed all the celery and calendula that had gone to seed. I replaced them with a Mystic Spires Salvia and a Garden Salvia. Salvia seems to do really well there and doesn't need much water. I already have a Raspberry Salvia there that is a few years old and thriving. I have some Shasta Daisies growing near it that are just about ready to bloom. They really look great together. They were just one of those accidents that worked.

Before too long I will have to harvest all these onions that are growing. The white ones are a chipolini type. I harvested one and cooked it up to top some rice for dinner, it was really sweet! I also have some nice size red onions that are about to be harvested. They have all started to flower so I was snapping off the flowers and cutting back on the water. I had to pull all the garlic because garlic rust is so prolific at this garden, but some of the heads were a pretty good size. I cooked one with the onions and it had a very nice flavor with not much heat. Yum! Nothing beats growing your own food!

I planted several kinds of squash...Zephyr squash - a cute little zucchini that is part green and part yellow, also Sunburst - a patty pan type and then some Italian squashes. I planted a Diva cucumber, these are a favorite of ours and Michael will put more in his garden too, because they tend to do better in his plot than mine (I somehow don't see cucumbers till they are too big).

As usual with my garden I tend to find things that should be considered invasive like this centranthus. It went to seed all over the garden just like the morning glory from a few years ago. I pulled so much of it, but this one was looking so pretty where it planted itself, right next a nemesia. I decided to leave it in. I wonder how much I will have next year.

It was a good days work in the garden and I am looking forward to a great harvest in a few months when all that work starts paying off.
Enjoy some sunshine and watch things grow!


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