Friday, December 26, 2008

An Itch to Grow Something

Winter just arrived and the seed catalogs are pouring in, leaving me looking forward to Spring already. We love to scour them looking for something fun and new. On Christmas Eve we placed a nice order to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. We found some really interesting new (to us) varieties of tomatoes and melons to grow. We are probably most anxious to try a tomato called Orange Flesh Purple Smudge. The photo in the catalog sold us, it is so beautiful who cares if it tastes good. If you have never checked out their catalog be sure you sign up to receive it. It is a large glossy magazine with the most beautiful photos. I am thinking of framing a few, they are that nice. The seeds they carry are from all over the world and the owners are such a cute couple, very family oriented and down to earth. We have ordered from them before and the service was excellent, the seed packs are large with beautiful artwork on them.

I am working on a tutorial on planting seeds for work, and thought I would post some of it here on this blog as I go. The picture above is of some of the supplies I am going to be recommending...more to come on that! I set up some grow lights in the only space I could find available right now which is the kitchen counter, which if you saw our kitchen you would find that amazing, but it does seem to be working out for now. I am starting some lettuce seeds called Valentine mix just for fun, and doctoring some plants that were outside and not liking the cold weather we have been having.

I will have to work on the seed starting post later and get myself off to work for now!

Happy Growing in the Year ahead!


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