Friday, November 21, 2008

A Trip to Southern California

Seems like we are sharing more gardening pictures from other places than our own lately and that is because not much is going on in our gardens lately. We have mostly been pulling things out and planting cool weather vegetables, both times I have gone to my garden in the past few weeks I have forgotten to take the camera. My radichio is looking pretty and my savoy cabbages are getting ready to make a head. I even saw a little broccoli head forming, so things are coming along nicely, just not so photo worthy yet.

But, when we were in Pasadena a few weeks ago for my sister's wedding we got a chance to go to both Descanso Gardens and Huntington Botanical Gardens and there were some photo worthy plants there to say the least. Every time I put the camera away I was having to pull it out again. Luckily I had cleared the memory card because I took about 150 pictures and not many of those were from the wedding. So I will start by sharing some pictures from Huntington. If you have never been go if you get the chance. We especially fell in love with the Desert Garden section. All I can say is that it was 'AMAZING'. The use of color and texture was supberb. For example these golden barrel cactus with the dark rock...and I love the look of mass planting in a large area. Everything grew so well here. Check out the diameter of this bamboo! We found a little green house that they would let us in for a short time and it had some really fun cactus and succulents. I never liked these plants until just a few years ago and then I found them quite interesting and now I love them.

Check out this little guy from the greenhouse that looks like a heart. You have to love that!

Some of the cactus had the greatest color and texture. more than just prickly thorns. Some were so soft looking, but you know what happens when you get to close...those soft looking thorns stick to you like glue. I once came too close to one and didn't realize it and I touched my face then it went on my tongue and down my throat...very uncomfortable. The gardens had man signs posted telling you to stay on the path and don't touch the plants. I don't think this would be the place to take a curious 2 year old.
There were so many interesting plants, hard to take it all in in just one trip so you can bet we will have to go again.

We also enjoyed the Oriental Gardens and the roses, but this post is getting so long. I will have to add more later and get my pictures from Descanso Gardens ready to post. We saw and smelled lilacs blooming there, what a great experience since it is really not the right time of year for that. They also have a lot of camelias and azaleas there. So stay tuned to this blog for more amazing plant pictures to come!

Seeing things like this really makes you appreciate natures simple perfection. So...

Look closely for the perfection in this imperfect world!



Shirley "EdenMaker" said...

Hi Ferne and Michael!
I just missed you two as I was at both Descanso and Huntinton Gardens this past weekend for my anniverary! We could have met!

I couldn't believe the line to get into the Huntington on the day after Thanksgiving. It was "Green-Friday" at the Huntington with hundreds of people in line waiting to get in. This went on for hours. I even took photos of the line and will post on my blog about my trip there soon.

Great photos. I'm happy you had a nice time.

Parsec said...

Those are very nice photos! The cacti and succulents are so interesting! Nice!