Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cactus and Succulent Show

Today we went to the Cactus and Succulent Show in San Juan Bautista. It was a perfect day weather wise and the plants were all so interesting. Some were even showing the most beautiful flowers. We found several varieties that were new to us and some not, but definitely found some we just had to take home with us. We went with my sister and her boyfriend and they both found some that they just couldn't resist also. We had to keep an eye on my sister because she wants to touch them all. Last year she got a thorn in her finger, it got infected and caused her months of pain so we tried to keep her away from the cactus.

We saw one of the most interesting combinations of plants right on the was a Rose growing next to a cactus and centranthus rubrum - Jupiter's Beard. Usually we see a lot of chickens and roosters walking around town, but not many today. There were so many people in town that they must have kept them penned up for the day. It really is such a quaint little town mostly know for the mission there, though it looked as though it hasn't been taken care of very well lately.

Some of the most interesting plants we saw were in the judging area like the one to the right that appeared to be growing from a rock. Others looked as though they were covered with a fine hair. This is where we were reminding Philina not to touch, though it is really hard to resist. It was really hard to vote for just one.

One of my favorite finds of the day was this one that Craig found that appears to be flat. We probably should have nabbed one of those for ourselves, but we made off with some really interesting plants that we will post about in another post. This outing was a very welcome one after a week of moving two households into one. We have finally got everything in its place and will be decideding where all our new treasures will fit in tomorrow. We enjoyed the plants, but especially the company of Philina and Craig and are looking forward to seeing what they do with all their treasures.


Jane Marie said...

What interesting plants. Thanks for showing them to us.
Beleieve it or not I have the same problem with rose thorns that your sister has with cactus pickers. I am removing the last of my rose bushes this year. So sad.

Parsec said...

I love cacti and succulents. Always so interesting.

Check out the spiral aloe at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden!