Friday, April 11, 2008

Back to the Garden

I took a trip back to my garden yesterday to see how things survived our recent frost...which seems funny to say since today it is predicted to be over 85 degrees. I am happy to report that I only lost 1 tomato plant and everything else was looking beautiful. Michael lost a few more tomatoes than I and a few strawberries though the strawberry deaths had some other cause. Alpine strawberries in my garden are producing many sweet berries and have actually become a little invasive in a nice sort of way!

I brought my digging fork with me with the intentions of removing my aspargus because it only makes a few small shoots then immediately goes to flower. After doing a little research I think I may have a female plant and she just wants to flower. I took a currant plant with me that I was going to replace the asparagus with, but as often happens in my garden I changed my mind once I was there. I planted the currant in a different spot and left the asparagus for now. It was suggest to me by Barbee that I should give my fork a name and she suggested 'Fred'. I had not really thought of that idea, but it makes sense that something so loyal and so strong and hardworking should deserve to have a name. Fred was stuck in my mind as I worked with him yesterday and now I can't think of any other name to call is short simple and masculine...fits the billl, so Fred it is!

One other thing I saw blooming that I couldn't resist taking a picture of was this iris. I love how white it is and growing right by the French lavender...looks like I planned it! Most things that end up looking great in my garden are never planned just shear coincidence, and nice ones at that.

Another coincidence that I am liking is the pot on my deck that I put lettuces and bulbs together. The daffodils are finished blooming and now the alliums have started in. This has been a very pleasing mix to me and now I think I need to start harvesting some of that lettuce.


Jane Marie said...

I lvoe your white iris with the lavender. It looks very refreshing and clean.

Lin said...

Enjoyed your blog! I, too, am in CA...southern end. Fun to see what other areas are growing. What zone are you?

Esther Montgomery said...

Hi Fred!


Teclado e Mouse said...

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Parsec said...

Alpine strawberries are awesome! I am glad you have some...they should be savored!