Saturday, March 1, 2008

Getting into Spring

Spring is starting to show its pretty little head here in Northern California. Now we all know that it is really winter still and that next week we could get a frost or a lot of rain, but for now we are enjoying dreaming and planning for Spring. The nursery has been so busy with people rushing out to plant their gardens for Summer. I am always surprised at how with the first bit of 70 degree weather they expect to find things like impatiens suddenly appearing in the nursery so this year I have been able to oblige their wishes and bring in some early. They look quite nice so just maybe the plants are telling us that there really will be an early Spring.

On one day off this week I spent a few hours at my garden plot and planted some bulbs and some Candy onions. I also pulled a few weeds and actually watered a little. Some of the bulbs I planted last year are coming up and the daffodils that someone else planted by the entrance of the garden are in full bloom (picture on top of this post). They planted them in mass and they do look stunning. I think these may have come from some that we donated at the end of the season to a city program. I especially liked how this little bell shaped flower poked it head up in the middle of the rosemary. Grow where you are planted, I always say! A life lesson I learned from plants.

I ordered onion starts last year for a customer and then tried them myself with great results so I am trying them this year also. We are growing the Texas Super Sweet in Michael's plot and I am trying Candy in my plot. They look like bare root onions. They are growing and have little roots, but come in no dirt and banded in groups of 30. We got about 45 pounds from the batch we grew last year and they kept from August through December in a cardboard box on our deck.



Tina said...

Hi Ferne, I found your blog and it looks great!

kate said...

The daffodils are looking great!! Spring is there for you ... and I hope it stays. It is wonderful to see.

It is always interesting to watch the mad onslaught to the nursery on warm days. I've discovered that it's often best to go on rainy days, wearing rain gear.

I'm interesting in knowing how your onions do!!

I've added your blog to my 'playing in the dirt' links!

Anonymous said...

Pam/Digging says:

Your daffodils are so cheerful and bright. I really miss having some in my garden this year.

I found you via your faving me at Blotanical. Thank you for that!

By the way, if you'll enable anonymous comments, you may get more comments from non-Blogger folks like me. Many bloggers out there don't have Google or Blogger accounts, you see. Cheers!