Saturday, February 23, 2008

Transplanting in the rain

Today the little seedlings got a new home,
a larger pot. All of the seeds germinated, so we had plenty of leftovers. In other years all of the plants would have been potted up leaving no room for us to move. Since we have acquired sooooooooooo many more sewing items and a few fishing lures we have no room . So using Darwinism only the strong survived. The rest went into the compost.

We grew a few of our favorite varieties and a few new ones. So for this year our tomato varieties are: Gregori's Atar (early beef steak), Speckled Roman, Green Pineapple, Marianna's Peace, Dr. Wychee's Yellow, German Red Strawberry (oxheart), Pompeii (paste), Ugly, Azoychka, Black (Yum!!!), Persimmon, Hawaiin Pineapple, German Tree (New for us from Bakers Creek Seeds), Orange Blossom, Belize Pink Heart, and Rose de Berne. There are four varieties of basil: Cardinal, Marseille, Genovese (old favorite) and Red Robin. After the first of March we will start our peppers, cucumbers and melons.

We are using these handy little seed starter kits to start our seedlings and have found them really easy to use. There is no mess planting, just add water and plant seeds. We could already see the roots coming through on the plants we transplanted today. The mesh that holds the soil is biodegradable so we just popped them in the bigger pots with more soil and then it will be ready to move to the garden when the weather is right sometime next month.

All this potting and growing is being done in our little one bedroom apartment that, as mentioned above, is also full to the brim with sewing and fishing equipment. Somehow it is all working and fitting in nicely. As you can see from this picture the coffee table was covered with plastic and became the potting bench...I love it when furniture can be multi-functional. This is just us learning to grow where we are planted!

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