Sunday, March 23, 2008

Discovering Blotanical

I have recently discovered a little group called "Blotanical". It is a place on the internet where people who have gardening blogs are able to communicate and share. There are so many different ways to find other blogs and make friends with gardeners whose blogs you enjoy. It is really a unique website founded by an enthusiastic young man in Australia named Stuart Robinson. Stuart doesn't claim to be a gardening expert, but does enjoy gardening and obviously blogging and has really been successful with this website. There are gardeners from all over the world that can now share ideas, tips and just plain visit each others gardens via cyberspace. He has added so many features that I have yet to have used them all. I like the feature he has where you can find out who has blogs in your area or any other area for that matter, but I wanted to know who else in San Jose, California had a blog and I found several. Stuart has even worked in a point system for those that want to become 'Guru Blotanists'. You can earn points by visiting other people's blogs and leaving messages or getting voted for various things like just being popular or writing a post that others pick as interesting. It is very easy to become addicted to this website. I find myself checking my messages several times a day and trying to leave a few for others along the way. I have made a few new friends that work at nurseries and have gardens in progress, of course, aren't all gardens a work in progress?

Now because I like to add a photo to every post here is one of me planting a pot on my deck. What you can't see is that this deck is only about 4 feet wide and full of pots so space is an issue, but where there is a will there is a way!


Anna said...

I love your March container and am jealous you could plant it so early. I suppose you can garden year round. Great job doing the post for blotanical.

Stuart said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the site Ferne. Always great to hear someone who has cast themselves into the site and using so many of its features. Here's to many more messages and meeting new garden bloggers.

Enjoy your star.

Blue Fox said...

Congratulations on your red star!

rosa said...

Hi Ferne! I'd love to come visit you at your nursery some time when I'm over in San Jose! And hasn't this weather been lovely?