Saturday, March 29, 2008

Black Thumb Moment

People stop trying to hurry the season. Remember that the ground hog saw it's shadow So more winter ahead. I had a Black Thumb moment and planted some tomatoes in the garden Poor plants just sitting and freezing in the cold ground. Good thing I have some red automators above them.

So the next time you visit your local independent garden center resist the temptation to buy some of those cute basil plants to put in next to your corn and watermelon seedlings you just bought. The garden centers(ours included) bring in plants that have no business to be sold yet. We have them because people ask for them . I personally do not sell any thing before it's time,(Gallo Wine commerical). Please ask for an honest answer from the nursery staff. If they say anything in the nursery can be planted any time just put down your plants and leave. That nursery is not helping the customer,you. Remember it is your money and frost damage is not part of the guarantee.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Good post Fern? Michael ? LOL
Yes .. that can happen a lot ..we all get a little over ambitious and thin we can as well .. so caution is the best policy .. especially with the vendors like that.

Nancy J. Bond said...

It seems we can't hurry spring here, no matter how hard we might try...and the groundhog *didn't* see his shadow here. Sigh. Ah well, patience is any gardener's middle name.

Esther Montgomery said...

Turns out well for Garden Centres though - double profits. Sell plants too early. Plants die. Customers come back for replacements.