Friday, May 31, 2013

It’s Growing Time!


My garden has taken off growing…well, most of it.  Those hay bale beds sure did work well.  Here they are one month after planting them.  They are full of squash, pumpkins, corn, tomatoes and even potatoes.   I also added lots of nasturtiums to trail over the sides after reading that they repel squash bugs and cucumber beetles.  Every thing in these beds is growing so much better than in my old beds and I am not sure if it is my soil mix or just that the bales are making it heat up more than in the ground.  I suspect it is the combination of the two.  Here is one squash leaf with my hand to show the size.


I hesitate to show off my problem beds, but something is going on here or not going on as the case may be, or maybe it is just because the new guys are making them look even worse.  Next year though these beds will be built up to 12” deep and the soil from the hay bale beds will be filling them.IMG_1436It is looking like we will be getting some fruit from the fruit trees this year and the apriums will be the first ready in a couple weeks.  Cotton Candy took a few years to produce for us and since it is ready early the blossoms are very susceptible to falling off if we get high winds or frost after they open.  This year though they did good and I can’t wait to start eating some! 


We are even going to be getting some apples this year.  I am hoping to be adding more posts

to this blog this year with pictures of a successful harvest that is if I am not too busy picking in the garden!

It is growing time!


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Candace said...

Wow! I am completely amazed at your hay bale garden, Ferne! What a very cool idea! Your gardens are just incredible! I hope I get to see them in person one of these days!