Friday, July 13, 2012

Orange Purple Smudge…What a beauty!

IMG_0792  This is my first tomato of the season.  Actually I had one more, but it wasn’t one that I started from my very own seed.  There is great satisfaction in bringing up a little seedling all the way to adulthood where is is producing beautiful fruits like this for my pleasure.  Now that is pay back for all my precious loving care.  This is also the largest Orange Purple Smudge tomato I have ever grown, guess I fed him right!  I have been using a lot of compost and products with humic acid in them and it seems to be working well.  One such product is John & Bob’s Soil Enhancer.  I also experimented with Dr. Earth Metabolizer.  Working in a nursery vendors sometimes send us free samples to try and this was one I really liked.  I think some of what I tried this year is big on the market for those growing their own ‘medicine’, but it really does work well on your edible crops too.  There is a lot of focus on the other type of crop these days, but I am finding that we both can teach each other a lot about growing plants when we share information. 

Working in a nursery has brought me in contact with lots of people growing lots of different things and the wealth of information we can bring each other has been very rewarding.  Unfortunately the nursery I am currently working at is about to close, the owner does own another wonderful nursery and that might be my future job location, but for now I am focusing on closing this one and enjoying the company of the many customers I have gotten to know along with the companionship of my fellow employees that have become good friends and confidants. It will be hard to say good-bye to both, but I will hope to see them all in the future and share some more tips and just ‘life’ with them all.

Life is good!


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