Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring at Hummingbird Farmz

IMG_2982 The first apple blossom to bloom in the new orchard at Hummingbird Farmz was on the Rebella Apple.  They were just planted a few days ago, but sure seem to like their new home.  Michael has planted about one third of the orchard and everything is looking quite happy.  He planted IMG_2988 some bench grafts and covered them with a plastic tube to protect them from sun and bunnies.  We are starting to see the tiny buds breaking, this is one of the baby pictures, it will be fun to see how much they grow this season.  We have a lot more to do, but everything is off to a great start.


In other parts of the yard the lilacs are blooming and since they are planted all in one section it makes for a very fragrant little walk.  We have IMG_2999to stop and smell each one along the way.  These will forever remind me of a bar of soap my Dad once gave me as a birthday gift.  I didn’t even want to use it because I enjoyed just smelling it and didn’t want it to ever go away…just a little memory from my childhood.  We have several lilacs whose names we IMG_2998aren’t sure of.  One of my favorites is  the white one, it is about 8 feet tall and we put a bench under it so you can sit for hours and smell the lilacs.   We planted a French lilac called Michael Buchner last year and he is blooming very nicely even though he is only about 3 feet tall.  It amazes me how different each variety smells and I love them all!

The high tech herb garden has survived one of the coldest winters in years and is making quite the comeback.  I love IMG_3004the way the lime thyme has filled in around the stepping stones.  The birds have been enjoying that bird bath a lot, funny thing is that bird bath was once used as an end table in my apartment and now at Hummingbird Farmz it has finally been able to serve its intended purpose and has provided water and baths for many birds of all sorts.

IMG_3006Spring always brings forgotten flowers to the garden and these little blue bell flowers are one of those, they look like a hyacinth though the flowers are much looser and more bell shaped.  I don’t think I planted them, but someone else did in the past and they are a welcome reminder that indeed Spring has arrived.

Enjoy all the treasures that Spring brings!



Mom said...

I love your gardening pictures. Good luck with everything you are doing!

Ferdi Nel said...

Lovely pictures.

How I wish I had my own farm, but for now I'll have to stick with my suburban home. At least I do have a large garden space.

creekside rummager said...

Ferne - I love your Farmz. What a wonderful gardening opportunity. The herb garden is beautiful. It will be so much fun to see things grow. Thanks for your post on my blog.

Brandie said...

Oh my! This looks wonderful! I love all the green and of course the flowers. Love your header picture, it's fabulous.