Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Almost Planting Time


The tomatoes and peppers are ready to be planted, but the weather is not cooperating so they are staying under cover in the greenhouse.  Today we had thunder and lightning and rain and hail with brief periods of sunshine.  IMG_1965

The spring flowers are enjoying the cool weather and keep providing us with their spring blooms. These tulips have been in bloom for at least a month and they are still holding on.  The variety is Akebono and we have really enjoyed them.   IMG_1979

The fun part of a new yard are the surprises that seem to pop up over night.  The bleeding hearts have just started blooming right along with the bluebells and we are really enjoying them all, they hIMG_1978ave been a pleasant surprise. 

Everything we have planted here seems to be doing really well and all the dormant plants we planted are budding up and leafing out so I suspect Spring will show up here one day, but today it felt like winter. 


We planted 2 peonies when we first moved in last October.  At the time they looked like empty pots, but now they are leafing out and I even found some new buds coming up.  Can’t wait to see these!  One is a yellow and one is red. As you can see we are planting most of our plants in gopher cages.  We have been seeing signs of lots of gopher activity, but a neighbors cat has been visiting so I am hoping it is hunting.IMG_1971  There are also a few hawks hanging out in some trees near by so I hope they all get hunting soon!

A few days ago when the sun came out we built a retaining wall and planted a few things with lots more to come.  There is a rose in the center and some giant sunflowers on each side, that is if they made it through the hail storm today .  In between bursts of hail today we planted some musk strawberries in this bed and and some yellow alpine strawberries in the front.  We have lots more planting to do still!

IMG_1969 We filled up the dish garden with compost and more soil and laid some stepping stones, now to decide which herbs to put in it.  We have dug in 2 of the 8 gopher proofed beds we are making so just a little more digging and we will be ready to plant the veggies growing in the green house.

With all this talk about planting it seems strange to mention that sometimes there are reasons to have to remove plants.  We had a huge orchard of Black Walnut trees on about one third of our IMG_1968 property and they were causing some plants to not grow well and some to die, so we had some removed that were too close to our garden and some we removed to help clear our view of Mt. Shasta.  I hear that our neighbors have approved and one even hired the father/son team to come do some work at their home.  You never know what neighbors will think of you cutting down trees when you are new to the neighborhood and live in the mountains, but we are very happy with the results.  Now if the clouds would just clear from Mt. Shasta we would have that view we were looking for!

Making progress in hopes of Spring…

Keep Growing!




Robyn *Ü* said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I liked your suggestion on adding quilting to sewing. I have done some applique on some crop pants for my daughter. It's fun to combine the two. I may have to add some decorative stitching as well. Love your garden shots. We are getting ours geared up as well and I'm so excited about it.

Arlette said...

I can't imagine battling gophers like you have to and still manage to have a very pretty and prolific garden. Hope it continues to reward you with it's bounty and that you win the battle of the gopher's.