Thursday, February 25, 2010

Signs of Spring

IMG_1876 In the flower beds

Walking around my yard today I couldn’t help but notice so many signs of spring.  There were daffodils about to bloom, a flowering quince in full bloom and grape hyacinth popping their little heads up getting ready to put on a show.  There is a big storm suppose to be coming in later tonight so I thought I would take a few pictures of these things just in case they didn’t brave the IMG_1869storm very well.  There are also some surprises to me that have done very well in our new zone 7 climate like euphorbias, the one in this picture is ‘efanthia’.  I also have one called ‘faded jeans’ that is doing nicely also.  They are planted with some dianthus that is also enjoying this climate and even has a few blooms.  IMG_1886


In the Veggie Garden

IMG_1877We built a gopher proof raised garden bed last week and planted some broccoli, leeks, kohlrabi and onions in it to test it out.  I had a little fun making a path that leads to the garden.  The garden bed we built is 3’X6’ and lined with gopher wire that extends another 6 inches under the ground giving us about 12 inches of soil before the gopher wire.  That should give the roots a good chance just in case the little guys nibble them a bit.  In gardening there are challenges in working with nature to get the results you want, but if you are patient and willing to fight a few battles the results are rewarding.

In the Secret Garden

IMG_1880We have an area of our yard that is surrounded by tall shrubs and a few trees that I call “the Secret Garden”.  It’s not quite like the one in the story, but I am in hopes of creating one just as special.   I like to think it will be a place to take a glass of lemonade and a book to just sit and relax and enjoy nature on a warm summer afternoon.  Hmmm…sounds nice, but every time I try to do things like that I see something that needs to be pruned or IMG_1884a weed that needs to be pulled and I can’t sit still, but it is a nice vision.  We just planted an aprium called “Cott’n Candy” and today on my walk I noticed that it has the prettiest colored buds popping out, they were almost the same color as the flowering quince in that same area.  Both were so bright and unexpected, just what I want my secret garden to be.   

Neighbors Gardens

 We visited the garden of a new neighbor today.  They grow organic vegetable plants to sell to nurseries and at farmers markets in the area.  IMG_1862When we first walked into the greenhouse there was the wonderful scent of good, moist, garden soil.  A scent that is probably only appreciated by gardeners, It makes me want to breath deep and take it all in.  It’s a smell that I associate with growing good healthy plants, an earthy smell that makes me want to dig in and start planting.  The pictures I took look a bit misty because there was so much moisture in the air from the warmth inside and all the plants were looking so healthy.  They were getting ready to deliver some to a nursery tomorrow.  The IMG_1866 couple we were visiting were nice enough to include us in their ritual of 11:00 tea and we had some great conversations about tomato varieties and other gardening adventures.  I am looking forward to helping them out this spring on their little organic farm.  Their nursery is called Shambani Organics.   They have some good information about growing organic on their website, so check it out!

Spring is just around the corner…get growin’!


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