Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tomato Time!

It has been a while since we posted on this blog. The beautiful summer weather has kept us busy in the garden and out on little fishing trips. We have started to have quite a harvest of tomatoes and made our first big batch of sauce. Black tomatoes seem to be doing the best so far this year, but there are quite a few oxhearts starting to ripen up. We have some good sized yellow ones too that we think are Dr. Wychee's Yellow though they could be Kelloggs Breakfast, too. I made maps of where each variety was, but now that they are so large and spread out it is hard to tell exactly what each one is. Note for next year - separate varieties by color. We also have harvested a good amount of basil and we have several varieties of that also. We mixed them together and made a little batch of pesto. We are really enjoying this tomato season and it seems that the tomatoes have been enjoying this weather as have the squash. We also harvest a pretty large harvest of onions - Candy and Texas Supersweet. We grew the onions in each of our two garden plots and both provided large harvests so we are giving them to everyone we know! The onions are so sweet they don't even bring tears to your eyes when you cut them.

Please comment if you have any creative ideas for labeling your tomatoes. I have used paint sticks in the past that I cut in half and labeled with my P-Touch, but couldn't find them this year after our move. I thought of using butter container lids this year. I was thinking that I could punch a hole in them and tie them to the top part of my tomato trellis. Any other ideas?

We are hoping that all our gardening friends are enjoying the fruits of their labor or play, depends how you look at it!

Ferne & Michael


Anna said...

I'm hauling in the maters too!! I have so many that there is no more counter space. We both better get cooking huh? I don't have any ideas for your markers. It will be interesting to see what answers you get. Happy Harvesting!

Parsec said...

Oooh...those tomatoes look delicious! My only tomato, an 'Oregon Spring' plant, is not doing very well. The tomatoes are tasty, but there just aren't that many of them.