Sunday, June 8, 2008

The great Imposter

I have been forgetting to post on Green Thumb Sunday mostly because I work on Sunday and don't have time to post, but today I am squeezing in a quick post about the Imposter Rose at my garden. It is a bee magnet! It is a really pretty color, not many petals and always making hips. I did some hip removal surgery on it yesterday. We are growing it as a test to see if we want to order it for the nursery. I love it, but am not sure our customers would. I have it in my vegetable garden where I don't mind its sort of wild look and all the bees it attracts are good thing there. Someone else might not want it by their front walk or driveway or anywhere at the front of their house for that matter. What I love about it is the color of the flowers and the little dark spots on the petals. Cute! And I guess the bees love the doesn't really have much of a fragrance so I guess they are drawn to it by the color.

Happy Gardening everyone!

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