Friday, February 8, 2008

Rainy Weather? Plant Some Seeds!

We are getting a jump start on our summer gardens. We pulled out the heat mats and ordered a 4 foot grow light from Hydro Harry's. The seedlings look like they are stretching a little so we have moved the lights down and turned the heat mat off. Our seedlings are not actually under the new grow light, but another little set up we have. We are playing around with the length of time we leave the lights on. Right now we are doing about 16 hours a day and have left them on a few times over night. I was given a few Hydro Farm heat mats which seem to be working perfectly. We planted these tomato and basil seeds on Saturday and they were up by Tuesday. It is still a little too early here to start peppers and cucumbers. We will move the tomato seedlings up to larger pots in a few weeks then start the peppers and cucumbers. We have 2 separate areas set up so we have a seedling area then an area to put plants in bigger pots. It is a fun thing to do while it is cold and rainy. It always gets us even more excited for Spring. Tomorrow we will go get the ground ready in one of our plots. The weeds should be easy to pull with the moist soil. We are also going to experiment with a Red Plastic Mulch and Red Automator trays we ordered from Park Seeds. The red is suppose to reflect up on the plants and help to make more and larger fruits and stockier stems. We will be posting the results in the months to come.

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