Sunday, January 13, 2008


While Ferne was potting her pots I was playing with a ziziphus jujuba or Chinese Jujube. This is a deciduous fruit tree which has nasty thorns and fruit that taste like a dried apple crossed with a date. Hence the common name Chinese Date. I wanted to do a different espalier so I chose the Jujube. I started with a 4x4 trellis and cut out all but six limbs. These I tied to the trellis with plastic tape in a horizontal pattern. As the limbs grow I will continue to tie the branches down. I do not know how this will look but if you can do a cherry tree you should be able to do a Jujube. The only problem is that the trees are for sale so I may not get to do too much more training. The finished product looks too good.

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