Monday, December 31, 2007

Growing in a New Year

We are creating this new blog together for the new year ahead of us. We will be writing about new plants we find interesting at work and out and about. We are planning to create a little bit of a planting calender for our zone to inform anyone reading this and to remind ourselves about what to plant, what to fertilize and what pests and diseases to be looking for. Our goal with this blog is to finally get something down that we can refer to for future reference, and maybe help other gardeners along the way. We want to have fun with this blog and invite anyone reading this to share some of their experiences with us.

We love to cook and prepare things for future use with what we harvest from our garden plots and hope to share some of those recipes and ideas. We have 2 garden plots between us and over the last few years have noticed how the soil, light and environment give each plot different results. M can grow peppers with great results in his plot where F can grow carrots with better results and peppers just don't do well. Tomatoes have always been a favorite for each of us to grow and we have different results with some varieties, but always have an avalanche harvest by the middle of July!

We work at a local nursery and do the ordering for all the herbs, veggies and bedding plants. So we always try to grow out the plants that are new to us in one or both of our plots to see what results we get. We also plant a lot of the custom pots at the nursery have a lot of fun trying new things and some tried and true things.

Writing this really has my mind rushing and I can see that I will be having much to talk about and I think M will be adding all of his garden opinions also. We hardly know where to begin!

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